What’s New in 2018

2017 is just behind us and there are already some exciting things happening in the new year. EZinspections & Preservation is working closely with a number of our national partners on system enhancements that will provide additional efficiencies to your business.

At a December meeting in Austin TX, EZ management met with representatives of Assurant Field Services and discussed the following

  • Assurant has a number of new clients in their pipeline and anticipates their volume increasing in the coming months
  • EZ enjoys an exclusive relationship with Assurant as it relates to third party inspection and preservation software platforms
  • EZ will be working closely with Assurant on automating more of their field services

2017 also saw a significant amount of effort and progress being made to successfully complete the full integration with Altisource, another major national partner of EZ. The full integration brings much smoother order download and result upload for EZ users who perform work for Altisource.

In addition to Assurant and Altisource, EZinspections & Preservation will continue to work with all of our partners on further streamlining field service processes, with a focus on automating loss draft inspections. On that note, EZ is now fully automated for MCS loss draft inspections. We are also working with several new national partners to bring more volume to the EZ platform.

This is just the beginning for 2018. We will continue to work on ways to improve our platform that in turn will help you manage and grow a successful field service business.


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